Saturday, March 28, 2009

Take the Bike Show Survey

Your bike is in tip-top condition, and you're not in such bad shape yourself for the beginning of the season. Yet, with no brevet this weekend you find yourself knocking around the house, checking hourly for volcano updates on the innernet, in need of some direction. Well, I have the solution! I urge you to spend some time listening to The Bike Show podcast. Download a few shows, or all of them, as they're available in the archives. They're great to listen to, especially while on the trainer.

I have a few favorite cycling-related podcasts, and Jack Thurston's, The Bike Show, is bar none the best cycling-culture focused podcast going. Jack covers a broad range of cycling topics including on-the-bike rolling interviews, PBP, the Giro, Belgium pavé, the summer solstice Rolling-to-the-Stones ride, as well as a tour from England to France linking 12 bakeries en route! Oh la la!!

And while it might be a push for brevet-riding Alaskans to relate to the London fixie scene or a tour of London's lidos, Jack imbues his show with a real continental flavor, and an inspiring excitement about being on the bike that is easy to appreciate. And his music selection is terrific.

Jack's show is like no other, and is refreshingly different from the racing-centric podcasts dominating the internet. Be sure to sample a few as some shows are better than others. It'd be a shame if you passed judgement too early and missed some of the really good ones.

And after you're hooked...take the Bike Show survey.

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