Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's Do It Again! 100K Populaire This Weekend

A bit of a planning snafu by yours truly in regard to this weekend's populaire. I didn't get the Potter-Birchwood-Potter course submitted in time to get approved.

Have no fear though! Let's do the Bread & Water 100K again. (I always think a loop ride is more interesting than an out-and-back anyway.) If you didn't get to ride it the first time, here's your chance. It's a wonderful way to see our city. Come out and join us on this ride. It's a great introduction to what randonneuring is all about. Hopefully, you'll get hooked!

Ride info is HERE.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Denali Dirt Road Randonnée Postponed Due to Forest Fire Smoke

I just spoke to the Rangers up at Denali. The forest fire smoke up there is too heavy to ride in, so I'm postponing the Denali Dirt Road Randonnée until later in the summer/early autumn. It'll still be a beautiful ride; just healthier.

I'll let you know just as soon as I set a new date.

Photo: NASA

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Denali Dirt Road Randonnée

If you have lots of long-distance riding experience, are really strong, self-sufficient, can handle 300K of huge hills on dirt roads in Alaska's remote wilderness, with the possibility of truly awful weather, consider riding the July 18 Denali Dirt Road Randonnée.

This ride just might be the highlight of our brevet season. It's the most committed brevet in Alaska. If you'd like to ride it, you must let me know beforehand by sending me an e-mail or giving me a phone call.

Ride info may be found HERE.

A few important details:
This is not an event. Each rider is considered to be on an individual ride.
This is not a race.
There is no support whatsoever; nothing.
There are lots of important rules for riding in Denali. If you're the type that doesn't follow rules, please don't bother.

Looking forward to seeing you at the start.

Photo credit: Ed

Sunday, July 5, 2009

*** Special Alert - Beware of Recent IFAC Raids***

With the start of the the Tour de France this weekend, and most of the brevet series behind us, it appears that the IFAC is really stepping things up this year to insure that no cyclists, racers or otherwise, including randonneurs and randonneuses, gain an unfair advantage on the bike.

Here's a video of their recent press conference. Be careful out there folks. It'd be unfortunate if the IFAC caught up with you just as the summer riding is reaching its high point.

IFAC Press Conference/Raid Video Footage

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Alaska 600K Brevet

Where the Bread & Water 100K populaire embodied the light-hearted, fun nature of rambling on a bike from point-to-point around the city, the Alaska 600K brevet, that travels from Gakona to Delta Junction to Tok, and back to Gakona, is absolutely mammoth in scale, scope, and adventure-factor.

Seven riders, long-distance veterans as well as first-year randonneurs, left Gakona early Saturday morning, under a thick blanket of low clouds, to meet the challenge. It was more than an honest test of the randonneuring spirit...

...And a challenge it was! A tire boot and a Leatherman aside, the best tool anyone can bring to a ride like this is determination.

Weather forecasting across Alaska is never very dependable, but the predicted mid-70s temps were as fraudulent as Bernie Madoff's disclaimer statement. None of us realized that it had snowed 4" on the Tok Cut-off the week before. But Alaskans know we live in a land of extremes, and for the most part, the riders that showed came well prepared.

The beauty of this ride is absolutely remarkable. Each 200K leg has its own distinct character; quiet and intimate winding miles through lush subalpine landscapes, vast forests of spruce, birch, and aspen, the expanse of both the Alaska Range and the Wrangell Mountains...and some quirky little Alaska towns too. Its a wonderful way to experience that part of interior Alaska.

A hearty and sincere congratulations to those who finished. And to the riders who looked deep within themselves to understand their limits, be encouraged with the experience you gained. It'll be a really useful advantage next year.

Thanks so much to all the riders and volunteers who showed up for this year's 600K. It was great having that many riders show in a non-PBP year. And honestly, Kate and Susan, you were a tremendous help along the course. One of the best surprises were Sam and Max who traveled up here from Portland and Washington D.C, respectively. I hope you'll return to join us on another brevet again. In the meantime, please spread the word about all the fantastic riding and adventure there is up here. I'm grateful to you all for your support of randonneuring in Alaska!