Saturday, July 11, 2009

Denali Dirt Road Randonnée

If you have lots of long-distance riding experience, are really strong, self-sufficient, can handle 300K of huge hills on dirt roads in Alaska's remote wilderness, with the possibility of truly awful weather, consider riding the July 18 Denali Dirt Road Randonnée.

This ride just might be the highlight of our brevet season. It's the most committed brevet in Alaska. If you'd like to ride it, you must let me know beforehand by sending me an e-mail or giving me a phone call.

Ride info may be found HERE.

A few important details:
This is not an event. Each rider is considered to be on an individual ride.
This is not a race.
There is no support whatsoever; nothing.
There are lots of important rules for riding in Denali. If you're the type that doesn't follow rules, please don't bother.

Looking forward to seeing you at the start.

Photo credit: Ed


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