Thursday, March 26, 2009

Homer 200K Date Change Due to Volcanic Eruption

It's funny that some people still think it's winter here in Alaska. Not the hardy riders chomping at the bit to christen the inaugural End-of-the-Road 200K brevet in Homer though. Sure, at this time of year, and at this latitude, we Alaskans expect a bit of snow, ice, wind, cold, etc.; key ingredients for character building. (Lord knows, we need some character.) And while we knew Redoubt has been grumbling for some time now, frankly I didn't think it would come to this. Remember my post about "Randonneurs for Global Warming?" I really didn't mean it! Honest!!

Well, thank goodness there's a free weekend before the Kenai Peninsula 200K.

It's official, folks. The End-of-the-Road 200K will now be on 4/4/09. Granted, molten lava isn't flowing down Northernlights Blvd. quite yet. But, there's just too much ash in the air between Anchorage and Homer to put this ride on. I've been receiving a steady stream e-mails and photos from the Homer contingent describing and showing every speck of ash hitting the ground there. Those guys are on top of it! They've been on the beat letting me know the volcano's every burp as they're shoveling themselves out. I have photos from the Spit to the hills, and all stops in between. Rumor has it that if the ashfall lightens up enough to see though, they're going to hold their own version of the Homer 200K: 35 consecutive laps between Two Sisters and the Salty Dawg. I'm hoping that after the second beer at the Dawg, they get some sense and stop early. That ash can be really destructive to bike chains and cassettes.

So, go hit the trainer. Go tweak your steed a bit more. You just gained an extra week. Maybe it's a sign...

Hey, by-the-way, it was really great to see a bunch of you at BP's Cycling Fair today. There was a great turn out of Anchorage's broad spectrum of cycling interests accounted for. Huge thanks go to John Ingold for setting the whole thing up, and inviting the Alaska Randonneurs. I hope they do it again next year!

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