Friday, February 5, 2010

Airlines Boost Flights to Alaska This Summer for Randonneurs

Okay, so I'm stretching it a little. The truth is though, that if you've ever entertained the idea to travel to Alaska to ride a brevet or two with us, there's never been a better time. This afternoon the Anchorage Daily News broke a story saying that commercial airlines are adding up to 930 MORE seats EACH DAY to Alaska this summer. The article also mentions that there also might be some great deals to be had. Check out the article HERE.

The earliest flights begin May 14th, just in time for our 200Km brevet through the fertile Matanuska Valley. Also consider coming up for our legendary solstice 600Km loop from Gakona to Delta Junction to Tok and back to Gakona. Or...what about the Denali Dirt Road Randonnee on July 17th - a 200km and a 300km option on the only road within Denali National Park.

While you're rolling the crazy notion of flying to Alaska for a brevet, wander over to our Flickr site to be enticed by photos of some of our rides last season. your travel agent! Click HERE to see our brevet schedule.

Come ride with us!

Thanks to Royston Rascals' via Flickr (Creative Commons) for the phun photo!


CurioRando said...

Someday...I'm coming up there.

Just talked to a friend of a friend yesterday who is visiting Seattle from Alaska. He's taking a break from building his own log home in Haines.

Sounds fabulous!

Looking forward to lots of ride reports for our vicarious pleasure now.

Anonymous said...

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