Monday, January 18, 2010

Gardez Vôtre Sang-Froid

The 2010 Alaska Randonneurs' brevet calendar is set in stone. The number and variety of rides just keeps growing. Now it's just a few more months on the fat bike or spinning at the club or in the garage. Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on cue sheets, and submitting some new routes to the Mother Ship.

So, a few of very important start-of-year house keeping tips:

1) Renew your RUSA membership. Don't delay. Do it today!! Brevets are already rollin' in a few parts of the country. Don't wait until the last moment to support the organization that allows these rides to happen.

2) PBP is only a little more than a year away. Familiarize yourself with the new qualification requirements. Yes, if you intend on riding PBP in 2011, it's a really good idea to get a full Super Randonneur series in for 2010.

3) Head to the shop and begin to get your bike ready. You've been skiing all winter so far, not start getting your steed in shape for next season too.

4) Spread the word about the Alaska Randonneurs. Tell all your friends, and drag 'em along to one of the brevets. I've added a slew of new, shorter rides to attract new riders. 2009 was a pretty big year, even with puffing volcanos and forest fires. 2010 will be huge for us with 18 rides on the calendar!

5) Consider volunteering on one of the rides. It's a great way to better understand the mechanics of the brevets, and also to get to know your fellow riders better.

6) Stay tuned for our upcoming annual "Rando Info" night. It should be sometime in March.

Peace Out!