Wednesday, May 6, 2009

North Kenai Peninsula 200K Brevet on May 9th

Here are the details for next weekend's 200K brevet on the north end of the Kenai Peninsula.

It's another all new course, in an area we've never ridden before. It should be no less interesting that the now infamous Homer 200K. Plus, it will be much flatter!

Please look over the documents and course map carefully. The only real issues that came about for those who DNFed last weekend seem to be related to navigation problems. Be sure to know how to use the cue sheets along with your cyclo-computer. If you have any questions about that, please don't be afraid to ask.

Before I get to all the brevet info links, I want to emphasize the importance of riding within the traffic laws on these brevets. Part of the Homer brevet's success was that all the riders really took it upon themselves to ride as traffic. While we may have all the rights to the road, we also have all the associated responsibilities; and there are a lot of them. That means stopping at all stop signs and lights, signaling for all turns, being courteous to drivers, yielding to pedestrians, and taking the lane if you need to. As we're the new kids on the block in Kenai, I want to make a good impression.

Kenai Brevet info, printable cue sheet, and waiver are HERE.
Rider Expectations are HERE.
Regulations are HERE.
Rules for Riders are HERE.

Please e-mail me, or call me at 907-276-6299 (hm) or 907-317-6030 (mobile), if you have any questions.

I'm heading down on Friday afternoon around 4:00M-ish

Looking forward to seeing you there! It's going to be another great ride!

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