Monday, May 18, 2009

Matanuska Valley 200K: 15 Starters/15 Finishers!

Another fantastic 200K in the bag! As you can see from the photo above, the views were butt incredible!

Congratulations to all who finished!! Not one DNF this weekend! Lots of familiar faces on this ride. Thanks so much to all who came out to ride and support randonneuring in Alaska.

I really want to acknowledge the generosity of our local randonneurs. These rides do take a lot of time and energy to put together. But, honestly, I really appreciate your support and the encouragement you show! It makes it worth it.

The 7:00AM start delivered chilly head winds, pouring off of the Matanuska glacier, all the way into the King River control. The traffic was really low, and the roads very quiet being that the ride was on Sunday, though it did seem to pick up later in the afternoon.

This ride did suffer from a rash of missing street signs on the course. Is that a Valley-thing? Is that something I should call the governor about? (Note to self: always carry a can of pink spray paint in the Rando-mobile.)

The Anchorage-Palmer-Anchorage 300K will start at 07:00 next SATURDAY at the south end of Potter Marsh. I'm aiming to have details posted on the website tomorrow.

We're stepping the distance up a bit with this ride. The 300K has a 20 hour time limit, so if you think you might be out after 22:00, I expect you to have an operating front and rear light. Check your light BEFORE Saturday's ride!!! Make sure it fits, make sure it shines, make sure it won't fall off. Also, be sure to have spare batteries, and if your light isn't an LED, have an extra bulb. This isn't overkill. This is practical, safe, good advice.

Again, congratulations to all the finishers. It was great seeing you out on the course!!

I look forward to seeing you next Saturday!


Robert H said...

Anyone post any more pictures? I'd love to check some out.

Kevin T said...

Hi Robert,

Thanks for checking. I'm running behind on processing photos and such from the Mat Valley 200K. I expect to have everything out in the next few days. I'll let you know when I do.

Roy Neese said...

I didn't have TIME to take pictures ... too busy pedaling. And pedaling. And pedaling.

Kevin T said...

Roy, you need to mount the helmet-cam!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have TIME to take pictures ... too busy pedaling. And pedaling. And pedaling.

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