Friday, October 23, 2009

2010 Brevet Calendar

The 2010 Alaska Randonneurs' brevet schedule has been approved by the Mother Ship.

Mark your calendars. Even more brevet goodness is in store beginning next April.

4/17/10 Kenai 200K
5/1/10 Homer "End-of-the-Road" 200K
5/16/10 Matanuska Valley 200K
5/22/10 Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 300K
5/29/10 Denali Hwy 200K/300K (in conjunction w/ Alaska Endurance Association's "Denali Classic")
6/5/10 Anch/Seward/Anch 200K/400K
6/13/10 Bread & Water populaire 100K
6/19/10 Gakona/Delta Junction/Tok 200K/400K/600K
7/17/10 Denali Dirt Road Randonnée 200K/300K
8/7/10 "PBP" Nord populaire 100K
8/28/10 "PBP" Sud populaire 100K
9/11/10 Glennallen/Chitna/Glennallen 200K
9/18/10 Chugiak/Talkeetna/Chugiak 300K

I look forward to riding with you next season for some challenging rides on beautiful routes.
There's a little something here for everyone; some familiar rides, a few new rides, some remote, some urban...


Erik Christensen said...

Looking forward to it!

CurioRando said...

As a lower 48er, or whatever you call us, I'm in awe. The thought of endless sun on a long brevet is tantalizing!