Sunday, February 1, 2009

Homer is Certifiable!

We've heard the Sirens' call from the "cosmic hamlet by the sea!" Behold, Homer is certified!! ...The 200KM End-of-the-Road brevet course that is. The guy in the photo on the right with the red nose, however, looks like he's spent a little too much time at the Salty Dawg.

Anyway, I just got word this morning from the RUSA routes coordinator that the course is good to go. It's number 705. One down, a whole list of others to go.

Better hit the gym folks. Less than two months to go. We're starting early this year, and there are a few hills on the course. Bring the granny gear to this one.

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Sam Huffman said...


Now hopefully the Midnight Sun 600K will be back this year! :)